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Slip It On { Glass Slippers }

Cinderella was the first fashionista to sport them, drawing our attention to the sparkly loveliness of the glass slipper from an early... More

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Minion Mania { Themed Wedding }

The minions need no introduction! These cute little yellow critters have crawled deep into our hearts – to the point where we would... More

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Taste-the-Date { Edible Invites }

In the rushed world that we live in today, save-the-dates have become an essential part of the wedding timeline. But is a piece of... More

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Stunning Stencils { Wedding Cakes }

Stencils are generally used for decorating walls or entertaining little kids – but stencils on wedding cakes? That’s a new... More

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Chocolate + Turquoise { Rustic WOW }

Chocolate and turquoise is one of those colour schemes that just never seem to go out of style. And rightly so! The two colours were... More

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Dress Redo’s { After the Wedding }

The wedding dress is one of the most important elements of the big day – especially as far as the bride is concerned! You’ve put... More

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Casino Royale { Wedding Theme }

Let’s start off this post by allowing two seconds for everyone to hum the James Bond theme. Now that you’ve gotten it out of your... More

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"Very helpful in terms of general wedding ideas and supplier references..Love it!"

~ Nicole Boyd, Western Cape