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2 to 6 Weeks Before Your Wedding


  • Confirm ceremony details with your officiant
  • Final fitting of all dresses
  • Remind relevant wedding party members of when & where to pick up their wedding attire
  • Pick up rings and check for fit
  • Finalise rehearsal dinner plans
  • Make final floral / wedding d├ęcor selections
  • Create a detailed schedule of events for the wedding day and supply it to members of your wedding party and all service providers
  • Confirm details with all service providers
  • Contact guests who haven’t responded
  • Meet with your wedding photographer and confirm special photos you want
  • Meet with your wedding videographer and confirm special events or people you want videotaped
  • Meet with musicians and / or DJs and confirm music to be played during special events such as entering the reception, first dance etc
  • Determine ceremony seating for special guests. Give a list to the ushers
  • Plan reception room layout and seating with your reception site manager or caterer. Write names on place cards for arranged seating and/or draw up seating plan

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