Western Cape Wedding Hiring Services

Planning a wedding is an expensive affair, which is why wedding hiring services provide the perfect cost-cutting alternative to buying all your wedding essentials like décor pieces, chairs, cutlery etcetera out of your own budget. Because let's be honest – no father or husband-to-be is going to pay for all of that!

In this section of the site, we've brought some of the very top Western Cape and Cape Town hiring services together so you don't have to run around, asking friends or family to borrow this and that. Whether you're looking for long tables, short tables, gold cutlery or crystal glasses – you'll find all your wedding essentials here under one digital roof. cont...

When considering the various wedding hiring companies, there are two possible directions that you can head into. The first is hiring all your equipment from one communal hiring company – a highly convenient option if you want to keep things simple and uncomplicated. Should you choose the second option, it means using a variety of wedding hiring agents to provide different hiring services. While this adds a couple of cooks to the kitchen, it also gives you the benefit of extra creative input from independent sources.

Bear in mind that, because you're now dealing with someone else's property, there's a lot of extra responsibility that comes with it. For starters, be sure to inquire about additional breakage costs and ask whether transportation is included in the agreed upon fee.

Once you've taken all of this into consideration you'll find that, even with the extras included, wedding hiring services are still the best way to get the goods without breaking the bank! ...less

The Ottoman Empire


Providing quality rentals of fine furniture and quality accessories along with excellent s...

A Vintage Affair


A hiring company offering a a beautiful collection of vintage ware that will transform you...

Stephanies Decor


Providing florists and decor experts to assist you in creating the perfect wedding bouquet...

Stephanies Tents


A Bedouin and Stretch Tents company providing tents perfect for areas requiring elegance a...

Portable Floors


Wedding floors suitable for us on a variety of surfaces including mud, tar, paving, grass,...

Stephanies Lighting


Providing lighting for your wedding that suits both your budget and your venue to ensure t...

Makiti Hire


Wedding hiring services offering a variety of furniture and décor to create breatht...

Special Occasions


Offering brides the opportunity of hiring dresses that are not only beautiful, but also wi...


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