Wedding Musicians in Western Cape

A wedding isn't a wedding without music! Having a musician at the wedding is really the ideal way to bring this celebratory affair to life, and something that most guests will write home about for months to come. And darling, the fact that you're planning a Western Cape wedding, means you're spoiled for choice in terms of top class wedding musicians and entertainers.

When selecting a wedding musician, it's important to match the style of the artist with the overall look and feel of the wedding day. A jazz band for instance, might be first prize in hubby-to-be's mind, but not exactly the right choice of wedding entertainment for an Eastern themed celebration. cont...

One of the biggest mistakes that many couples make in the eyes of the wedding musician is to forget to include him or her in the overall head count for the caterer. After a long performance, it's essential that the artist be given food and drink to replenish energy supply and keep the mood up – after all, this will affect the entire ambiance and quality of wedding entertainment once they step back on stage. Another important factor to remember is to ask your wedding musician whether he or she prefers to be served “backstage” or like to be seated at the vendor table, as this will affect your table plan.

At the end of the day, before jumping in head first and booking a wedding musician, you need to love their look, covet their sound and adore their on-stage personality.

Only once all these boxes have been ticked will you know that you've found your ideal wedding musician. ...less

  • Mike Laatz


    Providing a Cape Town saxophonist who will set the atmosphere of your wedding and relax your guests...



    An ensemble providing events with appropriate that is delivered with energy, refinement and sensitiv...

  • Shout Music Company


    Killer musician team, made up by a brother and sister, proving live entertainment and / or DJ'ing at...

  • Zest Music


    Providing a network of some of the most talented and experienced musicians for your upcoming wedding...

  • V7 - Solo Acoustic Guitarist


    Offering a range of genres by an experienced Solo Acoustic Guitarist at your upcoming wedding...

  • Soulsolo


    A wedding harpist with over 25 years experience providing melodious sounds of the harp to add beauty...

  • harpNOTED


    Cape based solo harpist providing a wide range of music that can be tailored to suit the bridal coup...

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