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Marquees and Tents

The marquees and tents are suitable for special events, private and corporate events.

As freestanding structures, F3 Bedouin tents or marquee provides a welcome departure from the traditional somewhat cumbersome white PVC marquees. As canopies, they work with existing architectural elements to create a practical yet graceful statement of style.

Aside from being endlessly versatile, the tents are easy to transport and can be erected relatively quickly. The unique two-way stretch fabric means their capacity for transformation and re-invention of space is spectacular - re-determining a particular space is simply a matter of repositioning poles. F3 Bedouin tents are not restricted to outside venues, our unique products can also transform indoor venues into a tented experience.

Canopies - Pool Terraces l Balconies | Decks | Restaurant Frontage

The canopies available are perfect for any outdoor occasion and area able to be setup in various outdoor areas, including:

  • Pool Terraces
  • Balconies
  • Decks
  • Restaurant Frontage

The same two-way stretch capacity of our canopies means they can be applied (by way of anchor points) to awkwardly-shaped outdoor areas with dramatic effect and surprising ease. A canopy will provide protection from the elements including, wind, sun, and rain.

F3 Bedouin Tents provides both a canopy hiring and installation service along with made-to-fit solutions for private individuals and corporate clients. Our canopies are also well suited to a variety of commercial applications such as Hotel terraces, restaurant fronts and pool decks.

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