wedding scales

There’s so much more than flour and sugar to be put and measured on a scale, or so every vintage bride will tell you! Scales are a lovely décor element and best complemented with other vintage pieces and home ware – think all things enamel, pastel, retro and all things homey, and you’re on the right track.

Nowadays many home ware shops actually sell modern-day versions of old fashioned scales in a range of interesting and astonishing colours and designs. Hence, if the bride mother and bridesmaids are into baking, consider giving each lovely dame a scale as gift.

In terms of vintage scales, here are a couple of quick ideas ways to use a scale in a non-baking way:

  • Balance a flower bowl or vase on top and arrange freshly picked flowers inside, cascading over the edge and onto the table.
  • Place scales on the dessert table to display all the delectable goodies. Alternatively use a working scale for guests to weigh their food at the candy table – after all, taste makes waist!
  • Ask your photographer to snap a picture of your wedding rings on a scale or better yet, use the scale as alternative ring cushion.
  • A big vintage scale can make the perfect cake stand for a single-tier wedding cake or selection of wedding pies.
  • Place a scale on the guestbook table and have your guests place their cards and wishes inside the bowl on top.
  • If you can manage to get your hands on a vintage human weight scale, use it as a prop in the photo session to see fi hubby “measures up”.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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