Easter holds all sorts of nostalgic memories from our childhoods. Incorporating this theme into your wedding can be fun and fairytale-esque. Bear in mind that, although its essence has changed somewhat, its basis is still rooted in ancient Christian doctrines, which may not be appropriate for everyone.

You will need:

  • Good quality chocolate (milk chocolate is a good option as most people enjoy it. However, you can make a variety of eggs with white, milk and dark chocolates).
  • White and dark chocolate for decorating.
  • Easter egg moulds.
  • Cotton wool.
  • A palette knife.
  • Baking sheets.
  • Gloves (preferably the thin plastic ones).
  • Small piping bags.
  • Ribbon in your wedding colour(s) – optional.


  • Polish the insides of the moulds with the cotton wool to ensure that they are absolutely free from moisture, dust or oils. The egg will only come out shiny if the mould itself is spotless and shiny inside.
  • Put some melted chocolate inside one of the piping bags and decorate the inside of the mould with squiggles or swirls, depending on the pattern you would like on the outside of the egg. Use a different colour chocolate to that of the egg, so that it will stand out more. Allow to set. Cut any excess away from the rim with the palette knife. For plain eggs, leave this step out.
  • Spoon a few teaspoons of melted chocolate into the mould and keep rotating the mould so that it is evenly covered with a good layer of chocolate. Let the chocolate run all the way to the edge of the mould.
  • Let any excess chocolate run out, and then trim along the edge of the mould to ensure that the chocolate is exactly flush with the rim.
  • Place the mould in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes so that the chocolate is well set.
  • Once set, turn the mould over and allow the chocolate to pop out, but do not lift the mould off it. Leave it on until the chocolate has become accustomed to the room temperature, so that the chocolate will not have any condensation forming on it.
  • Heat a baking sheet in a hot oven for 10 minutes. Remove it from the oven and place the edges of two eggs halves on it briefly, melting them very slightly.
  • Press the halves together until they have set in place. Do not work with or on them until they are completely joined.
  • Tie bows around all or some of the eggs to bring your wedding colour(s) in (optional).

Image Credit: Rook No. 17


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