• Gorgeous Satin Gown available for the Bridal Party with Vinyl Print on the back. You are welcome to specify your colour, however we recommend you contact us before ordering to ensure we can assist. Please note: Gowns are short sleeved Gowns are one size fits all. Please advise if you require specific size to please emails us to ensure we can assist you. Fonts may vary. In the event an alternative font is used for a Tote bag, we may adjust the font on the gowns to match. PLEASE NOTE: If you require a different colour gown - we can possibly assist - email us on  
  • Gowns available for Men in Black, Navy and White
  • Satin Robes for Children available in: White, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Silver, Navy Blue and Black Children sizes up to 10 years of age.
  • Bridal Sashes - with custom prints
  • These wedding slippers make for great photo shots with you and your entourage and ensure your feet remain beautiful and clean leading up to when you need to be fully dressed for your special event! Please note these bridal slippers are a one size fits all slipper.
  • Suspenders add a vintage charm to your groom, groomsmen, father of the bride and ring bearer! They really suit any outfit and add character to both the male wedding entourage and the wedding itself!See our Wedding brace inspiration blog post.
  • This is what an AWESOME DAD looks like T-Shirt.
  • Wedding briefs for the men in the wedding party - have their role in the wedding printed on their butts, literally. Available with title of bridal party e.g Groom, Groomsman, Best Man, Father of the Bride / Groom.
  • Wedding briefs for the men in the wedding - this pair of briefs boasts a little moustache above the word printed.
  • It's official - YOU'RE MARRIED! Now show it off and share with the world how much you love your wife! And, we can assure you this T-shirt will give you some brownie points when you need it most!
  • The Junior bridesmaid T-shirt is a feminine t-shirt with a small flower element for the younger bridesmaid. The T-shirt is great for the day, but also works well as a gift for your bridesmaid and / or even flower girl. The T-shirt includes the name of the recipient as well as the name of the bride and groom with their wedding date!
  • The Junior groomsman T-shirt is a kids t-shirt for your younger groomsman. The T-shirt is perfect for use on the while everyone is getting ready. It also works well as a gift for your little groomsman. The T-shirt includes a bow-tie design element, the name of the recipient plus the name of the bride and groom with their wedding date!
  • You're married and, well, let's be honest, you love your man and you want to tell the world! Tell the world with this t-shirt that reads "I ♥ My Awesome Husband" how much you love your new man! Available as a white t-shirt with black writing or black t-shirt with white writing. For alternative t-shirt colours, please email us a request and we will see what we can do.
  • You're the bride and you want to tell the world! Here's a "BRIDE" t-shirt to do just that! This baseball-style BRIDE t-shirt is perfect for any aged bride and is available in a black t-shirt with white writing or a white t-shirt with black writing. Alternative colours can be arranged, so please contact us should you require another colour. This t-shirt with it's swishy underline is most definitely a favourite!
  • The MRS [YOUR FUTURE SURNAME] is the perfect T-shirt as a gift to the bride before or after the big day. Give this t-shirt to a bride at her hen party or kitchen tea or simply to spoil her a bit.
  • The swish is generally associated with Baseball and well, we love it, so couldn't resist offering a Baseball styled t-shirt for you to give to your bridesmaid before the wedding day. Use the t-shirt as a gift when asking them to be a bridesmaid - they will love you for it and it will be a great memento of your wedding after the big day.