• These wedding slippers make for great photo shots with you and your entourage and ensure your feet remain beautiful and clean leading up to when you need to be fully dressed for your special event! Please note these bridal slippers are a one size fits all slipper.
  • Using the fields below, select from one of the pre-defined options or have your own wording on your choice of wedding socks.
  • Wedding briefs for the men in the wedding party - have their role in the wedding printed on their butts, literally. Available with title of bridal party e.g Groom, Groomsman, Best Man, Father of the Bride / Groom.
  • Using the fields below, select from one of the pre-defined options or have your own wording on your choice of wedding socks.
  • Wedding briefs for the men in the wedding - this pair of briefs boasts a little moustache above the word printed.
  • Who doesn't love the "swish" that is typically associated with Baseball? How about giving your groomsman one of our Baseball Styled T-shirts - they will most definitely appreciate it! The t-shirts make for a great memoir of the upcoming wedding.
  • Gorgeous Satin Gown available for the Bridal Party with Vinyl Print on the back. You are welcome to specify your colour, however we recommend you contact us before ordering to ensure we can assist. Please note: Gowns are short sleeved Gowns are one size fits all. Please advise if you require specific size to please emails us to ensure we can assist you. Fonts may vary. In the event an alternative font is used for a Tote bag, we may adjust the font on the gowns to match. PLEASE NOTE: If you require a different colour gown - we can possibly assist - email us on  
  • I Moustache You Socks ideal for the groomsmen, best man, master of ceremonies and / or ring bearer. The 'I Moustache You Socks' are a fabulous way of asking your friend / family member to play a certain role in your wedding day. The sock label reads: "I [moustache] YOU A QUESTION I won't get cold feet if you wear these socks...will you be my [YOUR WORD HERE]" The colour of the wording and paper can be customised to your request. Please either email us on or specify in your order's comments the colouring you would like.
  • The groom is officially property of the bride, so why not make it official and tell the world with this pair of socks to be worn on the big day.
  • Dad out of all our Walk's this is my favorite Label with Black Socks  
  • This is one of our favourite pairs of socks we just love preparing for our clients. It's a special pair of socks for the Father of the Bride or can be customised (on request) for the person who walks the bride down the aisle.
  • Give the T-shirt as a gift to the upcoming Groom. Whether it be at his engagement party or on the day, he is sure to appreciate this baseball styled T-shirt with the word "Groom" on it (baseball swish included). Wedding T-shirts are fabulous gifts and make for excellent souvenirs of the wedding taking place.
  • This T-shirt is the ideal T-shirt for the best man and other groomsmen where they are supporting a groom who will be having a nautical themed wedding. These T-shirts for weddings are a great memento of the wedding day.
  • You're the groom and you're tying the knot! The Groom T-Shirt with handcuffs is sure to get a chuckle from all who read it! Show your lady who is in charge!
  • This T-shirt really speaks for itself! You're one of the "manne" and you're there to support the Groom on his big day! Say it out loud and share with it with others with this T-shirt.