• Suspenders add a vintage charm to your groom, groomsmen, father of the bride and ring bearer! They really suit any outfit and add character to both the male wedding entourage and the wedding itself!See our Wedding brace inspiration blog post.
  • These wedding slippers make for great photo shots with you and your entourage and ensure your feet remain beautiful and clean leading up to when you need to be fully dressed for your special event! Please note these bridal slippers are a one size fits all slipper.
  • Bridal Sashes - with custom prints
  • Gowns available for Men in Black, Navy and White
  • Satin Robes for Children available in: White, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Silver, Navy Blue and Black Children sizes up to 10 years of age.
  • Gorgeous Satin Gown available for the Bridal Party with Vinyl Print on the back. You are welcome to specify your colour, however we recommend you contact us before ordering to ensure we can assist. Please note: Gowns are short sleeved Gowns are one size fits all. Please advise if you require specific size to please emails us to ensure we can assist you. Fonts may vary. In the event an alternative font is used for a Tote bag, we may adjust the font on the gowns to match. PLEASE NOTE: If you require a different colour gown - we can possibly assist - email us on [email protected]