• Technically speaking, your ring bearer forms part of your ring security, right? And with rings, jewellery and diamonds often being referred to as "bling", we couldn't resist adding a twist to the "Rring Security" T-shirt by creating a "BLING SECURITY" T-shirt. We felt this worked well with this very important responsibility your ring bearer has. The Bling Security Ring Bearer T-Shirt is available children sizes and is printed and is available on either a WHITE T-shirt or BLACK T-shirt.
  • The Team Bride with Crown and Stars T-shirt is a pretty in pink and black T-shirt with a feminine touch. Give one of these T-shirts to your bridesmaids, maid of honour, mother and any of the other ladies who are involved in your big day. And, just because it's pink in colour does not mean the men can't get one too!
  • This T-shirt really speaks for itself! You're one of the "manne" and you're there to support the Groom on his big day! Say it out loud and share with it with others with this T-shirt.
  • You're the groom and you're tying the knot! The Groom T-Shirt with handcuffs is sure to get a chuckle from all who read it! Show your lady who is in charge!
  • You're tying the knot and you're now locked into a marriage and yes, that's a good thing, so we definitely mean this is a positive light! Give your friends and family a chuckle with this humourous Groom T-shirt which is also a great gift in celebration of the engagement.
  • You're about to get married and well, if there was ever an excuse to pop the bubbly, now is the time! Buy your champagne of choice along with this t-shirt, get your ladies together and have a fun girls night!  
  • This T-shirt is the ideal T-shirt for the best man and other groomsmen where they are supporting a groom who will be having a nautical themed wedding. These T-shirts for weddings are a great memento of the wedding day.
  • This is the perfect T-shirt for a bride who is having a nautical themed wedding. Buy the bride-to-be a t-shirt she can wear leading up to the day and after the day. Wedding t-shirts are a great memento of the special day.
  • This T-shirt screams "COOL" for the Groom-to-be! Give this T-shirt as a gift to the groom for his upcoming nuptials or for use when he has his bachelor night or stag night. These wedding t-shirts are a great memento of the big day.
  • The "Game Over" t-shirt is one of the more humourous wedding t-shirts available. It really is a t-shirt that is for after the big day when hanging out with friends. It's most definitely one of those shirts that will start the jokes flying around and give those around you a good chuckle.

  • This "Future Mrs" t-shirt is another one of those t-shirts to celebrate the fact that you are now a MRS! Specify your colour choice, size and new surname below and you will soon be on your way to telling everyone your name!
  • Aaaah, now isn't this just a cute t-shirt of note for your groom! He may be wearing a tuxedo on the big day, so why not prepare him for it in a less stylish, but oh-so-comfortable way with this Tuxedo-styled t-shirt. If he's not going to be wearing a tux, well that's OK - this t-shirt really does work for any groom! This t-shirt is available in black (with white writing) and white (with black writing). Should you require an alternative colour combo, please email us on [email protected] with your request and we will see what we can do to assist you further.
  • Have a maid of honour and want to spoil her a bit? Then, maybe a nice t-shirt like this one as a momento of your special day is just the way to show her your appreciation.
  • You're now married and can call yourself a "WIFE", so share it with the world that you're officially off the market and under new management. This is a fantastic T-shirt as a gift for a bride and definitely a fun conversation starter when visiting friends& family. Consider the unisex / his and her version for a gift both couples: Under New Management (Just Married) T-shirt
  • You're married, so now tell the world that you're officially off the market and under new management. This is a fantastic T-shirt as a gift for the groom and definitely a fun conversation starter when visiting friends& family.