• This is what an AWESOME DAD looks like T-Shirt.
  • The famous "swish" is typically associated with Baseball, but what is so great about the baseball style is that it really doesn't get old! So, how about giving your best man one of our Baseball Styled Best Man T-shirts - they will most definitely appreciate it and they can wear it forever! T-shirts for the bridal crew are perfect gifts and make for excellent souvenirs of the upcoming wedding.
  • Give the T-shirt as a gift to the upcoming Groom. Whether it be at his engagement party or on the day, he is sure to appreciate this baseball styled T-shirt with the word "Groom" on it (baseball swish included). Wedding T-shirts are fabulous gifts and make for excellent souvenirs of the wedding taking place.
  • Who doesn't love the "swish" that is typically associated with Baseball? How about giving your groomsman one of our Baseball Styled T-shirts - they will most definitely appreciate it! The t-shirts make for a great memoir of the upcoming wedding.
  • Best Man Box presented in a Suitcase box. The Box includes a T-Shirt, Briefs, Socks, Vodka, Shot Glass and Bar One.       Please note: Mini Vodka might be swapped for alternative depending on stock availability.
  • Suspenders add a vintage charm to your groom, groomsmen, father of the bride and ring bearer! They really suit any outfit and add character to both the male wedding entourage and the wedding itself!See our Wedding brace inspiration blog post.
  • Technically speaking, your ring bearer forms part of your ring security, right? And with rings, jewellery and diamonds often being referred to as "bling", we couldn't resist adding a twist to the "Rring Security" T-shirt by creating a "BLING SECURITY" T-shirt. We felt this worked well with this very important responsibility your ring bearer has. The Bling Security Ring Bearer T-Shirt is available children sizes and is printed and is available on either a WHITE T-shirt or BLACK T-shirt.
  • Aaaah, now isn't this just a cute t-shirt of note for your groom! He may be wearing a tuxedo on the big day, so why not prepare him for it in a less stylish, but oh-so-comfortable way with this Tuxedo-styled t-shirt. If he's not going to be wearing a tux, well that's OK - this t-shirt really does work for any groom! This t-shirt is available in black (with white writing) and white (with black writing). Should you require an alternative colour combo, please email us on with your request and we will see what we can do to assist you further.
  • Show off your the little guys (or gals) making sure your rings are in good hands and safe! Even if they aren't looking after the rings, giving the little ones the responsibility of Ring Security and being involvbed in our wedding makes it extra fun for them

  • Make the little man or men in your life (and wedding!) feel extra special by giving them the duty of being RING SECURITY! This ring security T-shirt will make it very clear on the wedding day who is in charge and be sure to make for great photos and a good chuckle by all who attend.
  • If you can read this, bring me a beer socks. Socks perfect for the groom with a touch of humour to it.
  • Activity sets customized according to child's name, as well as the bridal couples details. You are welcome to specify if the child is a boy or girl. Each activity pack is available and includes the following goodies:
    • A5 wedding colouring book
    • Small pack of crayons
    • 1 sweet or chocolate
    • 1 x packet of chips
    Boxes may be white or brown suitcase style box. Colour of box is dependant on availability. Default will be a brown box.
  • Dad out of all our Walk's this is my favorite Label with Black Socks  
  • Custom Dress and Tux Wine Label made according to your requirements.