Jars! Glorious Jars! What can you really not do with a jar!?

When it comes to your wedding day, you really can use a jar for almost anything. Here are just a few ideas to help you come up with some uses for wedding jars at your wedding:

  • Use them as vase
  • Fill them with goodies and give them to your guests as wedding favours / giftseven use them to serve your desserts or candies at your candy buffet.
  • Serve your desserts in jars
  • Fill jars with a variety of candies at your candy buffet
  • Replace standard glasses with jars for serving your guest drinks
  • Use them to store your wedding bubbles!
  • Light them up and show the way by placing candles or lights in the jars and placing them in darker areas around your wedding venue.

Browse some of our wedding jars below and get creative on how you can incorporate these gorgeous items into your big day.

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