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If you’ve never heard about a Guest Lib or a Wedding Lib, let’s take this opportunity to introduce you to these cute stationery items that serve as a game or activity for your guests as well as a memento to be cherished for the future.

In a nutshell, a guest lib presents your guests with a set of sentences with blank sections in them for the guest to complete. Typically, guests fill in the blanks with either a noun, verb or adjective depending on what the guest lib specifies at each blank space.

At the end of the wedding, guests place the guest lib in a basket, box or designated area (specified on the lib) and the bridal couple can read over them and store them in safe place as a history / memory of their big day.

The libs can be handed out during the wedding before reception, on arrival at venue or simply placed with a pencil at each guests seating.


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