Mother of the Bride

/Mother of the Bride
  • Bridal Sashes - with custom prints
  • These wedding slippers make for great photo shots with you and your entourage and ensure your feet remain beautiful and clean leading up to when you need to be fully dressed for your special event! Please note these bridal slippers are a one size fits all slipper.
  • The Cursive Mother of the Bride T-Shirt is a very simple, but feminine T-Shirt for the Mother of the Bride. Your Mom plays an important role in your life and most likely in your wedding day, so why not give her a gift she can keep as a reminder of your upcoming wedding.
  • We all have seen and heard about the "I CAN'T KEEP CALM" images - they are generally associated with humour. So, why not opt to give your Mom a T-shirt as a gift, announcement of your engagement or part of a gift box. She will love it and let's be honest, she probably can't keep calm if you're getting married as it will be one of those rather exciting times of her life!
  • This polka dot Mother of the Bride T-shirt is a fun T-shirt option for the Mother of the Bride! All bride's Moms will love it and are sure to show it all off! This T-shirt abbreviates Mother of the Bride to "MOB", but for those who have no clue what it means, we have included the wording in full so all know what MOB stands for. Use it in a Mother of the Bride Gift Box, as a gift to your Mom or even as an announcement of your engagement.
  • Your mother may be your best friend or simply one of the greatest treasures you've ever had! She made you and now she's preparing for your next step in life of tying the knot. Why not give your Mom a shirt as a memoir of your upcoming nuptials and big day - something she can keep forever. This cursive Mother of the Bride T-shirt includes a heart as a symbol of your relationship with your Mom - the dot on the "i" in the "Bride" word has been replaced with a heart.
  • Gorgeous Satin Gown available for the Bridal Party with Vinyl Print on the back. You are welcome to specify your colour, however we recommend you contact us before ordering to ensure we can assist. Please note: Gowns are short sleeved Gowns are one size fits all. Please advise if you require specific size to please emails us to ensure we can assist you. Fonts may vary. In the event an alternative font is used for a Tote bag, we may adjust the font on the gowns to match. PLEASE NOTE: If you require a different colour gown - we can possibly assist - email us on  
  • Spoil your Mom this Mothers Day with a Cute Wife Boss Mom T-Shirt