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Gauteng Antenuptial Contracts

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Paul Ehlers Attorneys

We provide fast and professional services in matrimonial law, wills and estates, contracts and general civil law. We strive to make the process of obtaining an Ante nuptial Contract as easy

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Chantel Van Heerden Attorneys

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Antenuptial Agreements within a few hours at very competitive rates and for clients anywhere in South Africa! Getting married…the happiest day of your life. Make this day perfect by having

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Faber & Allin

From our team at Faber & Allin Inc. Attorneys, congratulations on your engagement! Let us assist you in wrapping up the formalities before you tie the knot! Before you continue, it

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Wessels & van Zyl Inc

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Our attorneys at Wessels & van Zyl Incorporated will gladly assist you and the love of your life with the drafting and the registration of your antenuptial agreement. We strongly believe

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Antenuptial Contracts in Gauteng

You don't have to know much legal jargon to know that the antenuptial contract is a very important aspect of your wedding day, and certainly one that ought not be left until the last minute. But that's why you're here, because in this section of the site, you'll find a number of highly qualified Gauteng marriage lawyers who come highly recommended and will help you sort the matter out chop-chop

While the thought of divorce isn't necessarily one that a nearly-wed couple wants to entertain, it is something that you need to think about in terms of you and your potential children's future well-being. When you take the time to think it through rationally, the wedding agreement isn't worth getting stressed or even down about. After all, if the plan is to stay together until you're old and cold, is the antenuptial contract not merely a precautionary method should things not go accordingly?

While having an antenuptial contract drawn up simply means security for both you and your partner, not having one can be to your great detriment. As Gauteng wedding lawyers will tell you, a lack of wedding agreement simply means that you're automatically married within community of property. Now, fifty years ago this wouldn't have been a problem, but in the modern world we live in, it's best to protect yourself.

The alternative of course, is choosing the out of community of property wedding agreement which gives you the option to keep everything separate or split that which you've accumulated during marriage – your lawyer will be able to tell you more about both these options. Speaking of which, let's not delay – scroll through the list below, find a lawyer and tick "antenuptial contract" off the to-list today.