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Kwazulu Natal Antenuptial Contracts

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Anisa Khan has been in practice for approximately 20 years. It has offices situated in Durban, Verulam and Umhlanga and accordingly, has the experience and the expertise to handle any legal

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Antenuptial Contracts in Kwazulu Natal

In the movies, the antenuptial contract is often one of the biggest stumbling blocks for the engaged couple – if it's not the wife who refuses to sign, it's the husband who fears that he'll be swindled out of his family fortune. However in real life the marriage contract is merely a formality that shouldn't keep you up at night – after all, the point isn't to cut off your spouse, but rather to protect yourself in the event of divorce.

This sub-section is home to a number of top-class KwaZulu-Natal wedding lawyers who specialise in antenuptial contracts and all things wedding related. Even if you are somewhat au fait with the basic marriage laws, it's always worth consulting an expert in order to rule out any nasty surprised that the future might hold.

While there's really no right or wrong when it comes to the antenuptial contract, the real “no-no” is not having a marriage contract at all. Failing to draft and sign a contract before the big day, means your marriage automatically falls into the default option – in community of property. While your grandparents might have chosen this option when they got married forty years ago, most wedding lawyers today warn against going the “what's mine is yours” route in order to protect both parties in the long run.

What many couples fail to understand is that the antenuptial contract isn't just black or white, as it can be adjusted to suit every individual couple's unique requirements.

Whether you wish to share everything or keep certain investments out of the antenuptial contract altogether, the wedding lawyer will be able to assist you in drafting a marriage contract that protects your future and goals.