Antenuptial Contracts in Western Cape

Paper work isn't everyone's forte and when it comes to planning a wedding, the antenuptial contract is really the last thing any bubbly couple wants to stress about between arranging the flowers and tasting cakes. Consulting a Western Cape marriage lawyer is therefore an essential point on the planning agenda and, while it's not exactly the most riveting task, it's better to get it out of the way, sooner rather than later.

Now, as touchy a subject as this might be, signing a wedding agreement isn't something that needs to be a depressing affair. Instead of looking at it in the sense of “planning for divorce”, it's best to consider the antenuptial contract as a safeguarding method – after all, if you're going to live happily ever after, you'll never even have to talk or think about it again. cont...

Should you fail to draw up or sign an antenuptial contract before the big day, you'll automatically be married within community of property – in other words, "what's mine is yours, darling". Times have changed however, and as most of these Western Cape based marriage lawyers will tell you, tying the knot in community of property is no longer a recommended port of call.

Instead it's advisable to opt for out of community of property which, before you worry about the details, offers more than one option in terms of splitting the wedding pot – be sure to ask your lawyer about it when drawing up your wedding agreement. But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet – for now, first focus on finding a lawyer whom you trust with your marital affairs, to help you set up your antenuptial contract and sort out the finer legal details. ...less