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Bar Motion


Bar motion is a vibrant, dynamic company that serves the Corporate and Event’s industry in South Africa. We have designed mobile bars that are complimentary to any setting and flexible

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Bar Services in South Africa

When you think wedding bar services in South Africa, don’t limit yourself. Picture mobile bars, sushi bars, ice cream bars, cash bars, ice bars, you name it – it exists and you can have one of these types of bar services at your wedding

Mobile wedding bars are a great solution for those hosting their wedding at a venue that has no bar facility available. Make sure to chat with the mobile bar companies you deal with for advice on what alcohol to serve because realistically, you can't serve all alcohol to your your guests. If opting for a cash bar, check with the bar service company whether this is a service they include in their package or offering.

Now, let's talk about different types of wedding bar services available. As mentioned above, there are all sorts of bar services available. When considering a bar service for a particular food item such as coffee, sushi or ice cream, keep in mind your budget. Bar services are great fun, but plan within your budget and make sure to use the expertise of the bar service companies to your advantage – let them guide on what works and doesn't work as they will know best.

Next to alcohol mobile bars, coffee bars are a keen favourite. If you do opt for a coffee bar, make sure to offer decaf and tea for those who aren't coffee drinkers and of course, don't forget the much loved flavoured coffee options available these days (if your budget allows).

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