Boudoir Photography in South Africa

There is a great stigma surrounding boudoir photography, however while nudity is implied, it's really all about capturing the real and beautiful femininity of a woman. While some women just do it for themselves as a way of building inner confidence, brides-to-be are becoming increasingly intrigued by the idea of visiting a boudoir photographer to create a pre-wedding teaser gift for hubby-to-be.

Many South African wedding photographers also specialise in boudoir photography, which means by the time the wedding day arrives, you're pretty much as comfortable in front of their lens as anyone could be. When chatting to the boudoir photographer, be open and honest about what you want out of the photo session, to what limits you're prepared to go and which areas of your body you'd like to conceal. cont...

Secondly you need to think about what you want to wear – perhaps a flattering piece of lingerie, a negligee or your fiancé's office shirt? While the real question is “what would he like to see you in”, it's just as important that you feel comfortable and sexy in whatever it is you choose to wear. Bear in mind is that you're not only dabbling in boudoir photography for him, but also for yourself! Because once you get comfortable in front of the camera, you'll soon realise that it unlocks new confidence in your heart.

Even if you have your doubts, it's time to stop over-thinking and start acting – browse through the listing below and book your boudoir photography session today! ...less

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    A boudoir photographer with years of experience, featured work in a variety of magazines will ensure...

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