Boudoir Photography in Gauteng

For a long time the world has been rather hush-hush and shy about the concept of boudoir photography, however these days having yourself photographed in your finest lingerie is considered quite a classy activity. Whether you display the pictures in an album or create a raunchy calendar, these sexy yet sophisticated shots make the ideal anniversary or groom's gift for your soul mate – a brilliant pre-wedding night teaser, if ever there was one.

While scrolling through the list of renowned boudoir photographers below, you might even recognise the names of renowned Gauteng wedding photographers here and there. Appointing the same photographer for both sessions could have its benefits in terms of getting comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding day, and saving costs in the long run. cont...

The key to a successful boudoir photography session is not so much what you wear or the background against which it's shot, but rather the confidence you exude while posing in front of the camera. While this isn't necessarily something that comes naturally to all of us, it can be helped by simply choosing the right outfit for the occasion – one that you feel sexy and comfortable in. For instance, if you’re self-conscious about your arms, wear a sheer negligee; if you don't like your thighs, opt for silk boyfriend undies; and so forth.

By also taking the time to get to know your boudoir photographer before the day of the shoot, you'll be able to put your mind even more at ease. However, the true irony of the matter is that boudoir photography is ultimately the greatest confidence booster known to mankind – so get onto it now! ...less