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Bridal wear is probably right at the top of every bride-to-be's priority list – after all, the wedding dress is the most important element of the big day, a point that every groom knows not to argue against. If you're a bride living in Gauteng, bridal wear is not something a bride should worry about – on the contrary! Known for the many fashion-forward thinkers, designers and fabric fundis that operate within, the Gauteng bridal wear industry can only be described as spectacular.

In this section of the Celebration site you'll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the very top wedding dress designers in Gauteng, many of which are also rated as the top in the country or even the world. While oohing and ahing over the various bridal wear collections, you can also get in direct contact with the individual designers through our unique messaging feature. cont...

If you're on quite a tight budget, don't click away just yet – aside from designers, the list below features quite a number of Gauteng bridal wear companies whose primary focus is providing the bride on a budget with the wedding dress of her dreams. These suppliers stock a wide range of imported bridal wear which can easily be tailored to fit your unique shape, without breaking the bank.

Choosing your bridal wear can be a daunting task and, while it's great to have a pre-set picture in your mind it's important to always take the fashion expert or wedding dress designer's opinion into account. Be flexible and dare for more than you usually would, as long as you ultimately settle on a wedding ensemble that reflects your true personality. Whether you have your wedding dress specially designed or whether you buy it off the shelf, all that matters is the end goal – to find the bridal wear that makes you look and feel as pretty as every bride deserves to feel. ...less


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