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Being a bride-to-be isn't easy as it is and finding the perfect wedding dress makes it that much harder. If you're a bride from down south however, you're in luck as the Western Cape is bridal wear paradise. Known as the home of many an international wedding couture designer, there's certainly no shortage of beautiful and breathtaking wedding dresses on this side of the beloved country.

In this heavenly sub-section of the Celebration site, you'll find more designers, tailors and wedding dress suppliers than you can count on both hands, giving you the opportunity to really feast your eyes on a range of stunning fabric creations and bridal wear. While every service provider on the list has their own style and approach, they also vary in terms of price range and offerings. So regardless of what size your budget, your wedding dress is already hiding between the very pages of this site. cont...

When looking at pictures of bridal wear, never get too caught up in the style, fabric and overall look of the particular wedding dress, but rather study how well it fits the bride or model. Also consider whether you think the designer in question has managed to capture her personality and complement her natural skin tone, as these are all factors that will ultimately influence your own wedding dress design.

It's a commonly known fact that the Western Cape has quite a varrying range of climates, from dry heat to clammy cold, and everything in between. For this reason it's crucial for a bride and her designer to always take the “where” and the “when” of her big day into account before settling on a wedding dress, as this will greatly influence the choice of design and fabric. What's more, be sure to pack your wedding shoes or shoes of a similar height when going shopping for bridal wear so that you don't end up with a wedding dress that's three inches too long or short for your perfect frame. ...less

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