Bridesmaid's Dresses in Gauteng

Generally speaking, the bridesmaid dresses should be purchased after the wedding gown, however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t already have a clear idea of what you have in mind. Page through bridal and fashion magazines, browse the internet and consider having a chat with one of the dress designers on the list below before setting out to buy your own gown. Be sure to also consult your bridesmaids in order to get a feel for what their likes and dislikes are and, more importantly, what they’d be comfortable in.

With the emphasis having shifted to individuality and uniqueness, it's not uncommon for brides to dress their bridesmaids in different dresses. These bridesmaid gowns can either be similar in style and different colours or of the same colour fabric but varying styles. So without further delay, get your girlfriends together and scroll down to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses to complete the picture that is the most special day of your life. cont...

Bridesmaid dresses have been getting more and more attention over the last couple of seasons and in this section of the site, you’ll be introduced to the top Gauteng dress designers and retailers. While the wedding dress might be the most important garment of the day, your bridesmaid dresses will help set the scene on the day, giving a clear idea of the tone and colour scheme. It's therefore essential that you put plenty of thought into every aspect of your entourage's outfits – from the colour and cut to the type of fabric and the sleeve styles. ...less

  • Gelique


    Gelique celebrates these differences and has designed a range of high quality garments that will mak...

  • Infinity Dress South Africa


    A bridesmaids dress that can be style in 27 different ways and is available in a variety of colours...

  • Fascinating Julia


    A versatile dress that can be wrapped in countless ways and styled for any occasion - convertible an...

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