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Gauteng Pre-marital Counselling

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Dr Heinrich Von Herholdt Lottering

I am a qualified doctor of Christian religion, registered councellor and ordained minister. My counselling is Holy Scripture based, yet open-minded and practical. When you visit my office

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Pre-marital Counselling in Gauteng

Whether you have been together for a lifetime or only a few months, considering attending some pre-marital counselling courses or workshops can only count in your favour!

Sessions with a pre-marital counsellor cover a variety of topics that you, ideally, should discuss in detail as a couple before you get married. It's important to start your life together on a positive note and attending some form of pre-marital counselling could potentially save your marriage one day, some day.

The Gauteng pre-marital counselling companies listed below are here to assist you and your partner prepare for your future together. While making use of proven techniques, these pre-marital counsellors will cover topics and help you with techniques that will strengthen your marriage in potentially bad times as well as making the most in good times.

While pre-marital counselling sounds rather formal, don't be put off. Get in touch with the counsellors below and find out what is involved, the times and where the sessions take place. Make sure to ask any questions you aren't sure of and get ready to be prepared for strengthening your relationship just that little more.

Browse the companies listed below and contact them via their contact forms to on each of their portfolio pages.