Wedding Courses in Gauteng

Whether you're looking to change careers, enhance your existing career or learn more about wedding planning / event planning, these Gauteng wedding courses may be what you're looking for.

Skills, communication and serious management and organisation are required when doing anything that relates to event planning or event co-ordination. Being responsible for someone else's event, regardless of whether it's a wedding or corporate event, is a huge responsibility and knowing how to deal with a variety of issues is key. The event and wedding courses below will be able to assist and prepare you for any challenges – big and small. cont...

If event planning isn't your thing, you could always explore the option of studying or learning a specialised service such as flower arrangement, cake making, draping, photography, make-up – the options are endless. Nothing is cast in stone, so explore your options by browsing through the wedding courses listed below.

Each company listed below provides a breakdown of their courses available. Run through their information provided and get in touch to get your wedding course booked! ...less

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