Wedding Decor in Kwazulu Natal

Finding the ideal wedding décor for your big day is hardly as simple as going to the décor shop and picking your favourites off the shelf to recreate that look you saw on Pinterest. The ability to perfectly balance aspects like colour, lighting and flow with the chosen wedding décor pieces is a skill that not many possess… unless you're a highly experienced décor designer.

As the KwaZulu-Natal event décor designers on this list know all too well, perfection lies in the details. Putting together a look is about more than merely choosing elements that strike your fancy or fit the colour scheme – it's rather combining elements that complement each other in terms of colour as well as shape, texture and style. Once you start adding these layers, it becomes quite apparent that a wedding décor designer is a must-have vendor on the to-hire list. cont...

While mood boards are an excellent way to convey exactly what you have in mind, it's important to allow your wedding décor expert a certain amount of creative freedom – after all, you're paying for their expertise! A simple “1920s chic with a splash of masculinity” is enough to tell them exactly where your mind is at.

One of the great benefits of appointing a décor designer is the host of connections in the wedding industry that these guys come with. Instead of buying from local shops and centres, they know exactly where to shop, rent and borrow to save you enough money to pay for the honeymoon. So really, if that's not enough incentive to appoint a wedding décor professional, then we have no words.

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  • Fantasy Decor


    Specializing in wedding decor from drapings to centre pieces with attention to detail and customer s...

  • Midlands Style Events


    Adding a personal touch from handmade stationary to flowers on your special day...

  • ETC Events


    Assisting in the designing of your special day, ensuring that your wedding is your dream wedding...

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