Wedding Decor in Western Cape

Wedding décor is really like paint on a blank canvas, giving you the opportunity to turn any empty space into your ideal dream day setting. From the colour scheme and flower placement to the table settings and wall decorations – everything that adds to the visual balance of the event can be assigned to the duty list of the décor designer.

Western Cape event décor is especially something worth writing home about – in fact, brides as far as Gauteng often summon décor designers from this coastal province to add the finishing touches to their big day. Combining local style with international trends, these gurus go over and above to create a perfectly unique setting that reflects the personality and taste of each individual couple. cont...

When selecting the theme or style of your wedding, always try to look into the future and research wedding décor trend forecasts for the next season. After all, what takes your breath away today might not make your jaw drop six months down the line.

While doing your own décor or taking a seemingly creative aunt up on her offer to decorate the venue might seem like a good idea at the time, wedding décor isn’t something that can merely be thrown together on a whim. Even simple ensembles that appear to be “thrown together” at the last moment, take planning and the keen creative eye of a professional décor designer to really work. But why talk about it when it can be showcased?

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