Wedding DJs in Gauteng

The taste of wedding cake might fade on your palate, but music has a way of implanting itself in your memory forever. A wedding DJ is therefore essential in building long-lasting memories of your special day – not just in your mind but in the mind of every one of your treasured guests.

Welcome to the section of the site that boasts Gauteng DJs by the dozen. In this chapter you're bound to encounter a number of DJs whose personality complements that of you and your partner, and who can offer the kind of wedding music that makes your toes tap faster than a typist's fingers. Covering most of the Gauteng region, you can catch most of them behind the spinning tables of local clubs, so be sure to pop by for a listen. cont...

If you haven't heard yet, playlists are so last season and most wedding DJs might even take offence if you should imply that they make use of such song lists. What you really want is a DJ who can read the crowd and allow his music choice to be guided by what they're so obviously craving – after all, everyone knows that the true mark of a good wedding DJ is one who can keep the floor packed!

An important step in finding the right wedding DJ is getting references from other couples, as they'll be able to tell you just how well he performed at their respective weddings. But first, have a peek through the names and reviews below, and start making your wedding DJ short list. ...less