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Gauteng Flowergirl Dresses

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Infinity Dress South Africa

The famous Infinity Dress is one dress that can be worn in 27 different ways. This amazing dress is PERFECT for Bridesmaid Dresses as it compliments EVERY body shape. Each infinity Dress

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Flowergirl Dresses in Gauteng

While the bride is without a doubt the main feminine focus of the day, the flower girl is a close second. Finding the perfect flower girl dress is therefore essential to eliciting the right amount of oohs and aahs from your guests. In this section of the site, we bring you a selection of stunning designs for mini humans by some of the top Gauteng flower girl dress designers.

Traditionally speaking, it’s the responsibility of the young one’s parents to carry the costs of the flower girl dress, shoes and accessories – consider it their wedding gift to you. However this means that you need take their taste as well as financial situation into consideration before settling on a choice of flower girl attire. Be open – talk to them about it, show them what you have in mind and get their feedback on the matter.

Choosing flower girl attire is a very different process to that of choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses. One of the greatest aspects that you need to consider isn’t so much the style or quality of design, but rather the level of comfort. Whereas adult guests and bridesmaids are generally more poised, children need the freedom to run around and be their active little selves – so needless to say, a comfortable flower girl dress equates to a happy little lady.

As a last word of advice – don’t expect too much from your mini madam. Ask her how she feels about each of the flower girl dresses she tries on and you might even want to consider letting her carry a teddy bear or treasured doll down the aisle with her. After all – no matter how adorable the flower girl dress, it’s that cute little smile and the sparkling eyes that will ultimately melt hearts!  

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