Wedding Hair in Gauteng

Just like the metaphorical cherry on the cake, your wedding hairstyle puts the final brushstroke on the masterpiece that is your bridal ensemble. While you might have an idea of the style for your big day, knowing what you like and knowing what suits you are two entirely different concepts. With a little help from a bridal hairstylist however, you're guaranteed to look absolutely flawless and have no regrets when you look back at the pictures of this special time.

Finding that perfect partner in crime amidst the endless reels of Gauteng hairstylists might seem like finding a needle in a haystack however, on the list below, we bring you the cream of the crop. Having worked in all fields of hair design – bridal, fashion, cinema and more – these bridal hair gurus know exactly how to make a hair iron dance to their tune and make every bride sparkle like a diamond. cont...

When browsing through the portfolios below, consider the type of hairstyle you have in mind for the big day, and judge each wedding hairstylist according to their skill in pulling off styles of a similar nature. The markings of an exceptional bridal hairstylist lie in whether or not the expert can create a style that highlights each individual bride's features.

If you don't have the slightest clue as to which style you want to pull off on your wedding day, fret not! Wedding hairstylists thrive on a challenge and the creative freedom allows them to work wonders with your hair to ultimately bring out your unique personality.

Browse through the list of wedding hairstylists below and remember to provide as much information about the hairstyle ideas you're keen on so they can help you as best as possible. ...less

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    Sells hair extensions in 3 different thicknesses, to match the thickness of the customer's hair...