Honeymoon Venues in Western Cape

If you day-dream of reclining amidst rolling valleys and majestic rising hills, this is most likely where you'll find your honeymoon venue. Come wind, rain or shine, Western Cape honeymoon venues simply have it all - majestic views that relax the soul, luxurious spas to charm the senses and hidden nooks that draw you closer to the one you love.

Many might say that this province is a honeymoon Mecca, offering an extensive array of honeymoon destinations to fit every interest, personality and budget. For starters, there's the famous winelands, where you'll encounter a number of five star honeymoon venues that wait on their couples hand and foot. Right across the pass from there, you'll be welcomed with warmth and hospitality into the heart of the Overberg, where towns like Greyton and Hermanus boast the most luxurious yet quaint and charming country honeymoon venues imaginable. cont...

If you're not much of a farm or forest person, why not explore the Western Cape honeymoon paradise that runs along the coast. This province is known, or rather world famous, for its stunning beaches, many of which have been awarded Blue Flag status. Even if the weather doesn't permit you to dip your toes in the waves or soak up the sun, you'll encounter breath-taking honeymoon venues with views so panoramic; it’s as if the waves are drawn to you.

These are just some of the many gems you can expect to find when choosing the Western Cape as your dream honeymoon destination. So look no further - start scrolling, because your dream honeymoon venue is a mere click away. ...less

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