Wedding Makeup in Eastern Cape

When it comes to wedding make-up, the pictures don't lie! We've all been in the scenario where the snaps of a night out with friends reveal ghost face foundation or eye shadow gone wrong, and how much worse would it be if this were to happen on your big day? While doing your wedding make-up yourself might seem like a brilliant and cost-effective solution, this is not the place to skimp as most of the guests' and photographer's attention will be on your face.

In the following section, we bring you some of the best Eastern Cape bridal make-up experts in the industry. Boasting years of experience in wedding make-up, these guys and girls know a thing or two about creating flawless make-up that looks as good in the pictures as it does in real life. cont...

So what should the real purpose of wedding make-up be? Quite simply, to enhance your natural bridal beauty without overpowering it – after all, no groom wants to see a whole different person walking down the aisle! With a couple of brush strokes and a swoop of mascara, professional make-up artists have the ability to make every bride and bridesmaid look their best – just like a jeweller polishing a rough diamond.

Whether you prefer a dramatic look or a subtle and natural glow, the key question you need to ask yourself is whether or not the look is timeless. That's to say, will you still be in love with your bridal make-up when you glance back at your wedding pictures in twenty years' time?

Be sure to ask your wedding make-up artist about this as he or she will be able to guide you in terms of trend forecasting. ...less

  • Theano Zenios


    Helping enhance your beauty to it best and turn you into a queen, for a day you've always dreamed of...

  • Base Face


    Offering a professional and enjoyable experience while assisting brides feel and look their best on ...

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