Wedding Makeup in Kwazulu Natal

What makes wedding make-up different to your average day-to-day or even night-on-the-town make-up is not so much how you look while in the presence of family and friends, but rather how that look reflects on the actual wedding pictures. This is where the keen eye of a professional make-up artist comes in handy, or rather, becomes an absolute essential.

Whereas your best friend's make-up kit allows for a handful of wedding make-up looks, the KwaZulu-Natal bridal make-up artists on the list below come fully equipped with a suitcase full of make-up products. Over and above quantity, it's the quality of these products that ultimately mean the difference between mascara-stained eyes and delicate feminine tears of joy. cont...

When browsing through the many pictures and portfolios, it's of vital importance to consider the make-up artist's skill and ability to highlight each individual bride's unique features. While a particular look might strike your fancy, it's whether or not the make-up artist knows how to conceal flaws and enhance natural beauty that should be your guiding star.

A wedding make-up trial presents you with the ideal opportunity to truly picture what you will look like on the big day as well as guide the make-up artist in terms of what your Big Dream is. To get the most value out of your practice session, try booking your photographic trial run on the same day in order to gauge whether the wedding make-up works on gloss paper or not. After all, it is those pictures that will serve as an ever-lasting reminder of this special day!

So, get going and get in touch with the make-up companies below so you can tick one more item on your wedding check list! ...less

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