Wedding Makeup in Western Cape

While the dress and the shoes are certainly top priority, it's the wedding make-up that will ultimately make or break your precious memories. Make-up gone wrong is by far one of the greatest bridal pitfalls, and many a bride has looked back at her wedding pictures, regretting the decision to ask a sister or mother-in-law to assist with her bridal make-up.

Luckily you've clicked onto this page of Western Cape make-up artists which is a sure indication that you're already considering appointing a professional. And believe it when we say, you'll be blown away by the talents portrayed in these portfolios! While somewhat more costly than a DIY make-up job, an expert bridal make-up artist has the skills and experience to know exactly which look will suit your skin tone, style and bone structure, to make you look even better than your best. cont...

Getting back to the wedding pictures mentioned earlier, it's important to realise that what you see in the mirror usually doesn't translate into the wedding pictures. It's therefore essential to consult a person with a firm understanding of the "relationship" between the camera and wedding make-up, as this will ensure that you're an all-round stunner on your big day.

All in all, you need to decide for yourself what's more important: Saving money on wedding make-up to pay for an extra centrepiece or having flawless memories of your wedding day. If you're opting for the latter, then don't delay – have a scroll through the listings below and make a booking with a wedding make-up artist of note. ...less

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