Marquees and Tents in Gauteng

You've seen it on TV, in bridal magazines and on this very site, and fallen head over heels for a wedding marquee, are we right? These magnificent structures are just too mesmerising and romantic for words, and don't even get us started on the practical benefits! Where existing venues already have an inherit atmosphere of their own, event marquees can be chopped and changed to replicate your dream picture down to the T.

In the list of Gauteng wedding tent construction agencies below, you'll find a wide selection of wedding marquee options to suit your exact wedding day requirements – whether it be erecting a venue in the middle of nowhere or extending an existing venue space to avoid cutting the guest list. Should you wish to invite Mother Nature to the soiree, Perspex panel wedding marquees are definitely worth considering. Just remember to invest in outdoor lighting so that the view doesn't die away with the sunlight. cont...

A second bridal industry favourite, is the contemporary Bedouin event marquees which are really quite ideal for turning awkward shaped spaces into magnificent wedding venues. By simply readjusting a pole here and shifting a tent pen there, the entire marquee shifts shape to fit the desired space and provide the necessary shelter.

On a more serious note, event marquees must adhere to the same safety requirements as any normal concrete venue structure. Aspects like fire exits, extinguishers and structural support are just a few of the elements that need to be in place, so be sure to enquire about additional costs of acquiring the necessary certification before booking a wedding marquee for your big day. ...less

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