Marquees and Tents in Western Cape

There's something so undeniably enchanting about a wedding marquee and brides across the world have recognised the potential of these temporary venues, making it almost synonymous with fairy tale weddings. Unlike permanent venue structures that already have a personality of their own, the event marquee is like a blank canvas, giving you the opportunity to create your dream wedding without need for compromise.

Western Cape wedding tent companies offer a wide variety of tent options to suit every requirement. Aside from traditional wedding marquees, the two of the current favourites are: Bedouin tents, which can be stretched and pulled to create any shape of structure, and Perspex walled marquees, where the surrounding majesty forms part of the décor thanks to the transparent panels. cont...

The true benefit of a wedding marquee lies in the fact that it can be constructed practically anywhere, turning any idyllic patch of land into an instant wedding venue – perhaps it's a hillock that you fell in love with back in the day, or maybe it's the magnificent valley where he first kissed you. Secondly, event marquees can be used to extend existing venues to accommodate more guests, so no need to put a metaphorical knife to the guest list!

It's important to note that, in terms of paperwork and legalities, marquees are treated the same as a permanent built structure in many respects. For starters, the wedding marquee needs to adhere to health and safety standards, which is why it's essential to check with the company whether they have an in-house engineer and inspector to give the nod of approval.

Practicalities aside, wedding marquees truly are something quite spectacular and are guaranteed to turn your wedding day into the magical and memorable affair that you've always wanted. ...less

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