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Gauteng Ministers and Officiants

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I Do Weddings

*****8 Reviews

To ensure your wedding and ceremony is an entirely unforgettable and joy-filled occasion. Nigel has a special interest in the value of Celebrating the Joy of Life… with your most significant

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Dr Heinrich Von Herholdt Lottering

I am university trained theologian, ordained minister and doctor of religious philosophy. I have an absolute passion and love for CHRIST, yet an open minded and liberal approach to religion

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Trevor Hugo – Marriage Officer

*****2 Reviews

My name Larne Trevor Hugo pronounced "Larn". It's Irish folks. Trevor is refer to me by whatever you prefer. I'm a legally registered, English speaking, Marriage Officer. I

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Minister Gilbert van der Hoven

*****3 Reviews

One of the special days in any marriage couple’s life will be the day that they got married. As a dedicated marriage officer, it is one of my goals to play my small role in making their

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Pastor Bennie Erasmus

Ben Erasmus is part of Procare a national association of related professionals in private practice. Our dedicated team provides a highly dynamic and holistic perspective and approach to

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Pastor Lynnette Swart

*****1 Review

Your wedding day is as special and as individual as you are. It will be a great honour to be part of your special day! Everything about it should reflect your uniqueness, especially your

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Spiritual Humanist Church

*****1 Review

Legal Non-denominational wedding ceremonies personalised with your signature. Let us together bring your dream wedding to life. The Spiritual Humanist Church accommodates for those who

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We Promise Wedding Ceremonies

Rev Natalia Strydom has been officiating weddings since 2012. I have had the privilege of being part of more than 30 couples'  special day.  It is the most exciting part of my job - to

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Pastor George van der Riet

**197 Reviews

Unforgettable in every way..........? If that is how you want your wedding day I will make sure that the message at the ceremony is applicable, captivating and cordial. Personalize your

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Ministers and Officiants in Gauteng

You can have a wedding without a cake, but in all seriousness, a wedding without a minister or marriage officiant definitely isn't a wedding at all – at least not in the eyes of the law. While many brides might say "booking your photographer is the most important point on the to-do list", the minister really takes precedence above all other service providers.

With such a large concentration of religions and cultures in the area, the Gauteng ministers and marriage officiants on the list below are perfectly capable of handling just about any style of ceremony. Even if you and your husband-to-be are from different religions or denominations, you'll find a number of non-denominational marriage officiants that will be more than happy to place the seal on your ever-lasting bond.

One of the most important points to consider when selecting a marriage officiant is whether or not you as a couple connect with him or her. This will determine just how personal and unique the minister's message will be, making the overall ceremony that much more memorable.

While the minister's message might be considered his most important wedding task however, his real value lies in what takes place behind the scenes. Taking care of all the formalities and paperwork, the marriage officiant ensures that everything is in place for your marriage to be legal and binding, which takes quite a bit of weight off your shoulders.

It's therefore essential to book your minister right away – not just from an availability perspective, but so that he or she can get the legal ball rolling.