Ministers and Officiants in Western Cape

While the cake, the dress, the flowers and the décor are all important, the practical elements of the wedding day like booking a minister is really where crux of the wedding day success lies. Next to you and your partner, the marriage officiant is without a doubt the most critical person in attendance and should therefore be booked well in advance.

With so many religions setting up home at the most southern tip of the country, it’s no surprise that this list of Western Cape ministers and marriage officiants covers practically the entire cultural spectrum. Hence, no matter which faith you practice or which denomination you belong to, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the right man or woman for the job right here. cont...

Over and above the wedding message or sermon, the minister usually takes responsibility for the legal side of things for you – from obtaining the required documentation to ensuring that all the dotted lines are signed. However save yourself the wedding day shock by double checking with your marriage officiant, to give yourself the peace of mind that everything is indeed taken care of.

Due to the high demand, many ministers offer pre-marriage counselling to their couples as part of the "package deal". So before you consult a psychologist, approach your marriage officiant with any questions or issues you might have regarding this big step in your life – after all, why pour your heart out to a stranger, when you can talk to an experienced minister with whom you've already built a solid relationship? ...less