Mother of the Bride in South Africa

Any wedding day is a big day for the Mother of the Bride and mother of the Groom. Their "baby" is getting married and what a better way to celebrate than to dress up and show how proud they are by looking their best for their daughter or son's friends and family.

While it's an amazing occasion for the Mother of the Bride (and Groom), it can be very stressful finding that perfect outfit to wear and all the embellishments to make it the perfect outfit. However, do not fear, we have "Mommy's back" covered. cont...

Firstly, it's crucial that the Bride-to-be and MOther of the bride communicate and get into the shops early. Both must be clear on wedding colours and the general theme of the outfits to avoid any conflict. With this in mind, one needs to remember that South Africa provides a varying climate, so Mother of the Bride must be aware of the climate during the time of year and area of the wedding before choosing her outfit.

Secondly, the body shape of the Mother of the Bride is very important. She shouldn't choose something she has seen on the front page of a magazine, but rather go into stores and try different outfits on to make sure her figure is well complemented.

Above all, the Mother of the Bride must be comfortable in the outfit and how she looks. The outfit must still reflect her personality and style while still fitting in with the wedding theme and style.

Lastly, this is a fabulous opportunity for Bride-to-be and Mother of the bride to hang out before the big day, so give your Mom a shout and get going! ...less

Mother of the Bride by Area