Suit Hire in South Africa

Weddings are expensive, and let’s face it: You're not really going to wear that tailcoat or double breasted suit jacket again, are you? Suit hire is the perfect solution to many a bridal couple’s budget qualms and helps you save money on this once-off essential. Though there are many preconceived stigmas around wedding hiring services, the fact is that both dress and suit hire have become a quality orientated industry.

With professional on-site dry-cleaning and tailors, the suit hire companies of today pride themselves on offering pristine quality suits that, in many cases, come straight out of the closets of top international designers. In fact, you’ll often find that suit hire paves the way for the groom to suit up in the type of quality ensemble that he might not otherwise have been able to afford! cont...

When hiring a groom suit, it’s always best to take a confidante along for the fitting session – a wingman who won’t be afraid to tell it like it is and provide you with honest input. What’s more, the onsite tailor or suit expert will be able to fit you with a suit that, well, suits your body shape and personality to the T. Most suit hire agencies also allow for the suit to be tailored to fit your body should it be necessary, however it can’t hurt to enquire about additional costs before having it trimmed and tucked.

Last but not least, be sure to make arrangements with one of the members in your entourage to return the hired suits no later than the day after the wedding – groom suit included.

But for now, let’s first get the ball rolling and start browsing through the suit hire companies in this section of the site. ...less