Wedding Videographers in Gauteng

In a recent survey conducted by the international Wedding & Event Videography Association, it was found that hiring a professional wedding videographer was only considered a main priority by 23% of the brides in question. After their wedding day however, 60% of brides who decided against having a wedding video sorely regretted this decision.

If you're browsing this section of the site however, it means that your mind is leaning towards enlisting the services of a professional Gauteng videographer. Commissioning a wedding video in Johannesburg especially is both easy as pie and hard as hell, as you're literally spoiled for (almost too much) choice. So time to start narrowing down the options! cont...

When feasting your eyes on all the brilliant videos and portfolios, focus on the technique the wedding videographer displays – the steadiness of the shots, the unique angles portrayed and the quality of the footage. Try to look past the bride's breath-taking gown, ignore the groom's lopsided tie and ask yourself whether the couple appears relaxed and at ease in the wedding video – if not, then it could very well be ascribed to the wedding videographer's lack of direction or intruding presence.

Quite often a bride will fall in love with the style of a videographer that's out of her price range. In a case like this, one is often tempted to appoint a more affordable videographer and instruct him or her to copy or mimic the desired style. A word of advice: Don't. While you might mean well, your videographer will most likely take offence and either lose motivation or pull out entirely. Just keep digging and hunting! Somewhere on the following couple of pages you're bound to find a wedding videographer with a style you love at a price that hubby will love. ...less

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