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Gauteng Wedding Cakes

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Bake My Day

The wedding day is by far one of the most special and memorable days in any couple's life, and at Bake my Day we believe that your wedding cake should be a true reflection of this. Allow

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Wicked Creations

*****2 Reviews

Truly unique cakes are created by an artist. At Wicked Creations, we delight in beautiful things, and draw our inspiration from the everyday beauty that surrounds us in art, fashion, fabric

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Wedding Cakes in Gauteng

Whether it's there for display or you serve it as dessert, the wedding cake is a signature part of the wedding day and one of the few traditions still going strong. In this section of the site, you’ll be introduced to a number of top Gauteng wedding cake master chefs with the innate ability to turn even ordinary sponge into the ultimate show-stopper.

Wedding cakes are expensive, there's no getting past that, and that's why so many brides step into a big bear trap – taking an over-eager aunt or cousin up on their offer to bake the cake, instead of relying on the services of a professional cake designer. While this might seem like a good idea at the time, it often turns into a full-scale crisis – the cake gets burned, the icing flops or you're running around in your bridal robe to transport the cake to the venue.

As you'll learn while browsing through the many cake designers in this section of the site, there are easier ways to cut costs on the wedding cake! For starters, why not opt for a delightful display of cupcakes, biscuits or pastries instead? Should your heart be set on an extravagant five-tiered masterpiece, you also have the option of replacing the bottom layers of cake with frosted Styrofoam – no one will ever know!

But that’s just the tip of the ice berg; after all, your cake designer’s mind is a wealth of iced and frosted ideas that can be tailored to suit any budget. So don’t pass up the opportunity to get your hands and taste buds on the perfect wedding cake – it’s only a click away!