Invitations & Stationery in Free State

Without a wedding invitation, there won't be any guests – if that doesn't highlight the importance of this seemingly small element, then nothing will. Working with paper is not everybody’s forte, but there’s no arguing the fact that the Free State invitation designers in this section of the site are highly gifted in this regard. Whether you're looking for simple contemporary designs, three dimensional works of art or laser cut wedding invitations, they’re the guys and girls for the job.

Should you decide to attempt the wedding invitation making feat yourself, it's always wise to ask for help and assistance as there are numerous technicalities that the paper novice might not take into consideration. These days, many stationery designers offer skeleton services, whereby they assist you with basic jobs like printing or cutting, and leave the fun and decorating in your capable hands. cont...

Taking a step back however, what should the wedding invitation say exactly? First of all, the style of wording should reflect the style of your wedding. From there you should include the basic details like time, date and where the ceremony and reception will be taking place. Other essential titbits include directions to the venue, wedding gift whims and fancies, and dress code.

While the main goal of the wedding invitation should be to inform guests of all the aforementioned details, it also gives you the chance to establish a theme for your wedding day. This gives guests a clear indication of what to expect as well as how to act and dress.

Once you've got that in place, it's time to send out your beautifully wedding invitations! ...less