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The wedding invitation is one of the most important elements of any wedding day, making everything official and turning the dream into a reality. In this section of the site, you'll be introduced to some of the Western Cape's finest wedding invitation designers – skilled paper craftsmen who specialise in everything from invitation right through to the thank you card.

Using the same designer for all wedding stationery is never a bad idea as it guarantees a certain degree of consistency from start to finish. However, enlisting the services of a range of different stationery designers can also be beneficial as each designer will put his own spin on the theme and concept, giving dimension to your wedding day as a whole. cont...

Before settling on an invitation design or even approaching a stationery designer, the small yet vital elements of the wedding day like the date, time and venue need to pinned down. On top of that, it's important to decide what style of wedding you're aiming for, whether it be a laid-back social affair or a more formal occasion, as this will ultimately affect the look and feel of your wedding invitation.

If you're fairly green-minded, you've come to the right place! These days most designers in the Western Cape offer eco-friendly wedding invitations that truly embody any couple's love of the environment. Green options include invitations made from recycled paper as well plantable paper, where seeds are embedded in bio-degradable paper which guests can physically plant in their flowerbeds. Another popular alternative is digital invitations which can be sent out via email, social media or on a CD. While you'd still require the assistance and expertise of a stationery designer in putting the invitation design together, this type of invitation saves valuable paper resources and has lower dust-collecting potential.

But enough chit chat and more browsing – somewhere between these pages your stationery designer is waiting, ready to brainstorm an exquisite wedding invitation for the biggest day of your life! ...less

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