Wedding Planners in Gauteng

Weaving together the wedding of the century is no easy task; yet there are those chosen few who were practically born with a wedding planner clipboard in their hand. The wedding day and the build-up to it should be the most special time in both your lives – all the more reason why you shouldn't be spending your days fretting about wilted peonies, slack printers or timeline issues.

As if sent from heaven, Gauteng wedding planning companies are known far and wide as the crème de la crème of the industry, respected on an international level for their skills and creativity. From on-the-day coordinating to full-service wedding planners that will relieve you of every tiny stressor – this section of the site is packed to the brim with Gauteng's best. cont...

Selecting an event coordinator isn't an inky-pinkie-ponky scenario, and it's important to remember that you'll be spending most of your wedding planning days with this individual or team. So while personality isn't really a deciding factor when choosing vendors like caterers or florists, it's one of the key check boxes when it comes to your wedding planner. Secondly you need to score your potential planner on their organisational skills as well as their level of professionalism – you need someone you can trust with your life, in sickness and through cold feet.

While you might be tempted to appoint your mother, a close friend or a sister as your wedding planner, do think twice as many a relationship has met its demise due to this very wedding faux pas. Feelings could get hurt, egos might get bruised and toes will get trampled upon, so rather look no further than the list below – your very own professional wedding planner is waiting. ...less

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