Wedding Planners in Kwazulu Natal

While most girls fancy themselves wedding planners by design, coordinating an event as spectacular as a wedding day is no simple task – even if you're quite obsessive compulsive in terms of details and organisational skills. This is where the wedding gurus on this list of KwaZulu-Natal party planners come in quite handy, as these masters have years of planning experience under the belt.

These days weddings go beyond merely tying the knot at your childhood church and having dinner with the folks at the local hotel. With so many elements that need to be woven together, even the simplest wedding can become quite a tiresome and stressful affair, especially when you're a bride-to-be who's juggling your new title of wedding planner with an everyday job and day-to-day responsibilities. cont...

What's more, there's a whole hidden side to event coordinating that most brides only discover once they're in way over their heads. After all, being a wedding planner is about more than just picking out pretty flowers and tasting wedding cakes. The crux lies in good organisational skills, knowing at which point in time each vendor ought to be booked and getting thirty service providers and the entire guest list on the same page – that's asking a lot!

However, if you're still not entirely convinced that you need the assistance of a wedding planner, there's always the option of semi-coordinating packages or appointing an on-the-day event coordinator. Both these event coordinating alternatives allow you to plan most, if not all, of the wedding yourself, with the wedding planner merely stepping in to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Remember to always provide as much information as possible when enquiring with a planner. This will allow them to give you the best package options for your budget. ...less

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