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Anella Wedding Shoes

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Looking for Comfortable Bridal shoes with the “WOW” factor? Look no further Gauteng Brides! For the most exquisite DYABLE Bridal Shoes, Anella Wedding Shoes has proved to walk thousands

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Wedding Shoes in Gauteng

There's more to wedding shoes than meets the eye. Aside from being ridiculously beautiful and lust-worthy, these babies are what keep brides from getting cold feet. In fact, when the nerves start kicking in, many a bridesmaid has been heard uttering the words, "just think of your pretty bridal shoes!" to deflect the attention.

Finding the perfect kicks for your special day is quite a daunting task – one that your husband-to-be might not quite grasp the gravity of. Thankfully these Gauteng shoe designers and stockists understand just how excited you are about the prospect of trying on bridal shoes upon bridal shoes, and have the unique knack for finding the ideal pair to complete your ensemble.

When planning your shoe shopping trip, bear in mind that a person's feet tend to swell throughout the day. Hence it's important to schedule the shopping for the afternoon to ensure that your wedding shoes are still as comfortable as walking on a cloud midway through the wedding day.

Just like the infamous question, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" deciding whether to buy the bridal shoes or the gown first is a much debated subject. While some designers are of the opinion that the shoes should fit the dress, others believe that the wedding shoes are in fact a main focal point and determine the length and detail of the dress.

Which route you decide to take, is completely up to you, though let's be honest: There are few things as fun and rewarding as finding the perfect pair of shoes – all the more special if they're your wedding shoes!