Wedding Venues in the Johannesburg

Gauteng is known for high standards of luxury, elegance and style, and Gauteng wedding venues definitely don't fall short of this. As one of the major contributors to the province's high style rating, Johannesburg provides the ideal setting for a star-studded wedding. The majority of Johannesburg wedding venues have graced the glossy pages, having hosted a number of famous South African weddings.

On this page of the site you're literally spoiled for choice in terms of spectacular wedding venues, each more impressive than the last. From five-star hotels and resorts, to secluded lodges and upmarket restaurants, these exclusive wedding venues pride themselves on sterling service ratings, exquisite décor and, in the case of outdoor venues, perfectly manicured gardens. cont...

Choosing a wedding venue is not just a matter of picking the first and best one, or settling on a venue just because it's the most popular wedding venue in Johannesburg. While things like ratings, style and surroundings do play a key role, venue capacity is definitely a deciding factor as it can affect the entire guest experience and ambience. In the end, opt for a simpler wedding venue that seats the number of guests comfortably, rather than choosing a stunning wedding venue where guests bump elbows or, worse even, drown in the vast amount of space.

Once you've settled on the wedding venue of your dreams, be sure to request a detailed floor plan from the venue manager to help you with the layout and seating plan for the big day. Also enquire whether they have an in-house wedding venue coordinator – even if you don't make use of this particular service, it's worth setting up a meeting with him or her to get a few pointers on how to make the most of the particular space. Prepare for a wedding unlike any other because one thing is certain: the Johannesburg wedding venue industry is one of a kind. ...less