Wedding Venues in the Pretoria

Tying the knot in good ol' Pretoria becomes quite the magical occasion once you take a closer look at the magnificent wedding venues on offer. This unusual city-country town is practically famous for its exquisite jacaranda-lined roads, which form the perfect backdrop for a mid-summer wedding. Here underneath clear blue skies and surrounded by the sweet fragrance of those very jacarandas, you'll find some of the most unique and spectacular wedding venues in Gauteng, if not the country.

In this sub-section of the Celebration site, you'll get the opportunity to read more about what makes each of these Pretoria wedding venues so whimsical and unique, as well as flick through photos of the rolling lawns, mid-century ballrooms, lavish reception halls and other wedding venue offerings. Most couples and guests who step over the threshold are immediately overcome by the unique combination of sheer elegance and tranquillity that wedding venues in Pretoria are generally known for, setting the mood for a truly relaxed knot-tying celebration. cont...

Though Pretoria weather is ideal for an outdoor function, it's always wise to book a wedding venue that has an indoor setting available as Plan B should Mother Nature suffer mood swings. Alternatively be sure to look under the Wedding Hire for tents and marquees in the Pretoria area which can be just as jaw-droppingly beautiful as any wedding venue should the weather change course.

When the time comes to place your booking, be sure to ask how many other functions will be taking place at the wedding venue on your big day as this might affect your itinerary. Secondly, find out how long the venue is at your disposal and inform the various service providers, to ensure that everything is set up and broken down in time. Pretoria wedding venues are quite popular, so once you know all that you need to know, don't delay – book it, tick “wedding venue” off your to-do list and let the planning begin! ...less